Keep Walking America

Johnnie Walker wanted an ad that appealed to Hispanics in America that paid off their 'keep walking' tagline. There was no media buy to work against, just a simple message to deliver: immigrants make America, America.

We quickly thought of Woody Guthrie's classic protest song 'This land is your land.' Though it's often misinterpreted as a blissfully ignorant patriotic jingle, lyrically it is anything but. It's a protest song through and through, all about America belonging to Americans—all of them. 
In a year when Hispanic Americans have been maligned as unwelcome illegals (even when they aren't) by a sizeable chunk of the population and one major candidate, it felt right to use an American classic to encourage these full blooded Americans to keep going. To persist against the abuse and hate. And to remind them that we are all Americans.

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