Concert For The Deaf

As a sponsor of EDM, 7-UP wanted an idea that embraced their philosophy that music is for everyone. So we created a concert with 7-UP and EDM superstar Martin Garrix in a venue designed so an entirely deaf audience could experience music like never before.

The brief asked for a 7-UP campaign about EDM and pretty much nothing else. Knowing next to nothing about EDM, we turned to Google. After hours of searching and still not understanding the appeal of EDM, we stumbled upon something interesting: the deaf are often drawn to EDM. The heavy bass and loudness of the shows causes vibrations that you can feel well enough to dance to, even if you can’t hear the music. 
The idea, putting on a concert specifically tailored to a deaf audience, was simple. Getting there was not. Eventually though, with some help from the awesome experiential folks at Fake Love and an insanely enthusiastic director, we did get there.
We picked a handful of people to interview and focus on before the show, and then invited hundreds of deaf EDM fans to a small venue in Long Beach for a very intimate show with one of EDM’s biggest stars. Everyone in the audience was deaf, and the show ended up lasting for hours longer than it was supposed to.

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